Ponniyin Selvan

An Abridged English Retelling

Ponniyin Selvan, written by Kalki Krishnamurthy, is a historical novel set in the time period between the tenth and the eleventh centuries AD. A story that revolves around the Chozha Emperor, Arulmozhi Verman, who was later crowned as Raja Raja Chozhan I, the story has all the ingredients of a political drama, including espionage, vendetta, and patronage. Kalki masterfully weaves a few love stories into the mix, as well.

This retelling is for those, like me, who desperately wanted to read the book, but could not, because of various reasons. I also want to mention here, that this is not an exact translation of the work by Kalki Krishnamurthy. As the title says, it is a retelling. I have taken considerable effort to make this more easily readable than the original tome. Lastly, this is my first attempt at writing something so big. I would request the reader to forgive me for any mistakes, confusions, and, in general, anything that would make reading this book difficult for you. Let me not stay between you and this book any longer.

Vetri Vel! Veera Vel!

Copyrights - G. Chandramouli, 2017